Hello and welcome to Sonia Rodriguez Art Gallery otherwise known as Sorogal.


Sonia Rodriguez Art Gallery consist of many different art styles and subject matter. There isn't any identifiable style that distinguish's me apart from others. Selections in my artistry is varied and is suitable for many different art collectors.

My vibrant, colorful paintings have been exhibited in galleries across the New York State area and Long Island. I am an award winning artist and have been recognized by NYS politicians for my contributions to the area.
My style
My only painting style is bold and vibrant. combining colors and shapes to create emotionally evocative pieces...
Bold colors and unique shapes

My portraits are full of life and movement, capturing the subject’s personality and spirit. I also love to experiment with abstract art, using bold colors and unique shapes to create interesting and thought-provoking compositions. My style has no differentiating character other than bright fusion of colors on all subject matters.

My work
What I do
Whether you’re looking for a traditional portrait painting or an abstract piece, I will bring your vision to life

While at this moment I do not take commissions for portraitures, I do celebrity portraits for their contributions to the arts and entertainment fields. I am also known for Native American portraiture and their regalias. Another type of portraiture is Animal paintings which I thoroughly enjoy. Here you will find an array of portraits in all different types for all collectors interested in such.

I enjoy doing landscapes and Florals with their various creative structures offering me challenges along the way that nature has to offer in various forms shapes and bright vibrant colors.

Still Life is another fascinating subject matter that I also enjoy thoroughly it offers me challenges that I never thought I could execute. From light to dark areas, shapes, forms, and color structure from every angle affords creativity from the back of my imagination. Still Life can be rendered in realism to abstraction to impressions. so while I can do realism, I offer you the collector the choices noted above.


Contact me to discuss your collection needs or visit my other platforms for a variety of products relative to my art field. SHOP Apparels and more... Links below.

Artist Copyright – all works of art within this website are protected under U.S. copyright laws and international conventions. No portion of the artist’s works or statements may be used, downloaded, reproduced using any means, copied, linked to, or transferred electronically, without prior written permission from the artist. 

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